What frequent flyers pack in their carry-on

What frequent flyers pack in their carry-on



What frequent flyers pack in their carry-on

These twelve carry-on essentials will keep you calm and happy no matter what comes your way.

A well-packed carry-on is a wonderful thing. Whether you check your luggage in or you cart everything into the flight cabin, don't board a plane without these items close at hand. 

1. A change of clothes
Worst-case scenario: Your luggage is lost. Think about what you'd want on hand; a basic change of attire, for sure, but also perhaps a swimsuit, pajamas and a few extra undergarments.  

2. Medications
Keep your prescriptions with you because they can be hard to replace. Also pack a pharmacy for whatever might ail you during the flight: painkillers, anti­nauseants, antidiarrheals and motion-sickness remedies.      

3. Toiletries
Think face wipes, makeup, toothbrush and toothpaste. You want to feel fresh when arriving somewhere new. Remember to limit liquids to 100-millilitre containers (or smaller) and have less than one litre in total.  

4. Face mask
Combat dry air and take care of your skin while in flight with either a sheet mask or a thick face cream. (See page 15 for suggestions!)

5. Compression socks
They thwart leg cramping on long flights, increase circulation and reduce the risk of swelling and varicose veins.

6. Snacks
Pack a full meal if you're in for a long flight and not interested in airplane food (but note your destination's restrictions or consume it all before you arrive). Healthy snacks, like our Maple Granola, are nice to have on-hand to nibble on.

7. Headphones
The in-flight handouts rarely cut it. 

8. Smartphone, tablet, chargers and backup chargers
Load your devices with games and shows (the Netflix app lets you download TV and movies for offline watching) just in case the in-flight entertainment isn't working. Taking a digital break? Good! Bring a book or magazine. 

9. Water
The air on planes is notoriously dry and those small water rations we receive every few hours are far from enough to keep us hydrated, so take a big old bottle of water with you and keep on sipping. (Of course, you'll have to buy it once you're through security.)

10 Eye mask and earplugs
They'll help block the sun and drown out that crying baby when you're trying to sleep. 

11. Neck pillow
Yes, you can find comfort in economy class. 

12. Layers
Airplanes are often chilly, so be prepared to add or take off layers of clothing as needed. 

But remember—keep it compact. Carry-on bags should be 21.5 X 15.5 x 9 inches or smaller. You’re also allowed a personal bag such as a purse, but always check the specific restrictions with the aired you’re about to fly. 



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What frequent flyers pack in their carry-on