Brilliant ideas to take from real Canadian weddings

Brilliant ideas to take from real Canadian weddings

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Brilliant ideas to take from real Canadian weddings

We the North sure know how to throw a bridal party—and we have the 'grams to prove it. 

SIGH. Who doesn’t love a wedding? Whether you’re planning your own big day or just guesting-it-up for the 9th time this summer, chances are you’ve seen enough banquet halls to last you a lifetime-of-wedded-bliss. Instead, we’re here with the *prettiest* unique weddings from all across our spotted on Instagram! Scroll down for inspiration you can take from these Canadian couples’ big day for your own super-special occasion. 

1. Delicate chair decoration

They seem like such an odd thing to focus on, but the right chairs can literally make or break a reception space. This Calgary wedding found the perfect seating for their space—rustic but still pretty, with a really unique finish. The casual way the flowers are tied to the odd chair is a great touch.

2. A simple, artsy altar

The geometric lines of this wedding’s arbour are the perfect complement to the dramatic Kelowna, BC setting. It’s a minimalist take that is both striking but not distracting, and feels very cohesive with the bride’s simple, understated look.

3. Swapping cocktail hour for ice cream hour

Having seen this, we’ll consider any summer wedding where there *isn’t* an ice cream struck waiting outside the church a total disappointment. It’s a fun way to treat your guests (especially if they’ve sat through a sweltering ceremony in an unairconditioned older building)—and it’s also a great alternative to a cocktail hour while you’re getting pictures done.

4. A succulent-themed gateau

Calling all succulent lovers: This wedding cake created by a New Brunswick-based baker is your air-plant-adoring dream. Incorporating the trendy plants into your cake decor instantly updates it and stamps some of your personality all over it. Buttercream icing is mandatory, of course, because: Meghan Markle

5. Leafy bouquets

Keeping on a plant theme, we love these alternative bridesmaids’ bouquets. This Ontario bridal party opted for a moody, mostly non-flower based palette, a refreshing alternative to the usual peonies and baby’s breath (although we’ll always love those!).

6. Not-your-average photo props

For the couple who just can’t stomach a gazing-into-each-other’s-eyes-at-sunset shot, this quirky idea is perfect. Introducing an unexpected element into your wedding portraits could be just the thing to loosen everyone up...although we’ll leave the logistics of transporting a blush pink velvet sofa into the middle of the woods up to you.



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Brilliant ideas to take from real Canadian weddings