This year's wedding trends are fun and refreshing

This year's wedding trends are fun and refreshing

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This year's wedding trends are fun and refreshing

Five-course meals and over-the-top dresses? Not in 2018. Weddings are becoming a lot more casual and a little more playful. 

We caught up with wedding expert Yvonne Reidy, floral expert Amber Richman and sommelier and food expert Heather McDougall at Montecito’s 2nd annual wedding show to discuss everything from what trends are making their debut this year to the ones we are leaving behind in 2017.

Here are the 2018 wedding trends — including wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, flowers and food — you can expect to see this wedding season.


Wedding Dress trends


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2018 is all about the accessories. “We’re finding that brides want to change their look throughout the day,” says Yvonne, director of LoversLand, a fashion-forward bridal boutique in downtown Toronto. Instead of buying two gowns, more brides are opting for alternative wraps or skirts to change into, and different jewellery and other extras to swap in mid-fête. One of the hottest accessories? Capelets. The classic Victorian cape-like accessory is a go-to no matter the season, as it can be purely decorative or keep you warm. “It’s such a classic and elegant look," says Yvonne. 


Runway trends

We’ve been seeing a lot of bell sleeves, bows and black detail on the runway for the past couple years, but Yvonne notes that “it takes a long time for trends to translate from the runway to the consumer.” This year we can finally expect to see these trends in stores. The trend making the biggest impact? Bell sleeves. Due to their romantic feel, they're a must-have for the non-traditional, bohemian bride.

Bows and black detail are slightly bolder choices — but in 2018, bold is in. With receptions trending towards more casual, so is the bride’s look. “We’re seeing more brides wearing white to the ceremony and black to the reception,” says Yvonne.


Simple & elegant

Say goodbye to jewels and sequins — this year is all about simple and elegant dresses. "Brides are staying away from overcomplicated looks and going towards dresses that are simple, fun and versatile," says Yvonne. Slinky silk dresses are a sought-after look, as the style pays tribute to 90s trends everyone's after right now. We're also seeing a lot of two-piece numbers. Corset tops are still going strong as they're flattering pieces for many body types. “It’s a great way to accentuate your curves," says Yvonne. "It doesn’t necessarily have to be done in a princess-style dress — we’re now finding it in really elegant cuts, too."


Bridesmaid Dress Trends

Back to the cohesive approach

Bridesmaids are back. “For a couple years, wedding parties were getting much smaller, they were picking their own dresses and there wasn’t much of a cohesive look,” says Yvonne, “but that’s changing. Wedding parties might play with the colours or tones of the dress but are working with the same fabrics — it’s much more cohesive."

As for colours, blushes, rose and champagnes are forever classics, so we'll still be seeing them this year. But for the latter half of the year, Yvonne expects “beautiful rusty oranges and velvets for fall and darker charcoals, metallic and silvers for next winter.” And bridesmaids aren’t just wearing dresses anymore — expect to see jumpsuits in 2018.

Flower trends

Seasonal florals

Since flowers come in and out of season, we asked floral expert Amber Richman, director of one of Toronto's chicest flower shops Cool Green & Shady, what blooms brides and grooms should consider based on the season they’re getting married.

In winter, Amber loves making seasonally-inspired bouquets out of amaryllis, and for a fun touch, adding in wintry elements like white-sowed asparagus fern and pine cones. Come springtime, Amber can’t wait to get her hands on the many blooming branches, such as magnolia and cherry. “Spring has the prettiest dainty flowers of the year with tulips, hyacinth, freesia, anemone and ranunculus." In the summer, Amber advises choosing florals that are “alive like the landscape." Go for plenty of green foliage, paired with peonies in June and dahlias in July and August.  As for fall, Amber calls the season the “texture months" of the year. With many different types of berries, grasses and leaves available, as well as gorgeous dahlias that last until frost, she expects to see more rustic, earthy arrangements.


Greenery-focused centrepieces

Submerged flower arrangements are so last year. Amber says 2018 is all about greenery-focused centrepieces, "especially in garland form on long tables with lots of candles." From the reception to the dress, we're seeing this type of understated elegance play out in all aspects of weddings this year. 


Food trends

Unique desserts

From doughnut walls to cupcake towers, we’ve seen a rise in unique desserts over the past couple years — and 2018 is no different, in fact, it’s raising the bar. “We’re moving away from formal plated desserts to dessert stations and display walls,” says Heather. It's a much more casual and fun way to do dessert. Think: a cookie-dough or hot chocolate station — now, that's a party we'd like to attend.


Grazing Stations

More brides and grooms are even requesting grazing stations instead of a formal sit-down meal. “It’s more of a party or a high-class barbecue," says Heather. This buffet-style apporach to dining allows for mingling, instead of having to spend hours seated at a table, waiting for each course to be served.




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This year's wedding trends are fun and refreshing