7 haircuts that will define the year 2022

7 haircuts trends that will define the year 2022

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7 haircuts that will define the year 2022

While we can't foresee what's going to happen in the new year, we can still predict what haircuts will be in style in 2022.

The guide to discovering the trending haircuts for the upcoming new year is here.

  ✂️  This ode to the 1990s, this cut will be popular from the start of the new year. This shorter version of the classic haircut can be worn super sleek like Selena Gomez, or a little less polished and ruffled.


  ✂️  Perhaps one of the most popular and preferred trends, the curtained bangs are both stylish with a hint of retro and suits any shape face.


  ✂️  Cut at collarbone length or a little lower, this style is slowly making its way into the top favourite cuts of the year.


  ✂️ After looking at each other for the past 2 years in Zoom meetings, many of us have realized that we could use a little more volume. Now is the perfect opportunity to add some texture and body to your hair.


  ✂️ It's impossible to resist long flowing curls. The formula for this effect: length, volume and lots of waves. The goal for 2022 is to mirror Julia Roberts' mane from the 1990s.


  ✂️ It's definitely the cool cut for the next few months. The multi-layering technique is unique and effortlessly stylish.


  ✂️ As a result of missed hair appointments over the last few years, long hair has made its way into the top 2022 trends.




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7 haircuts that will define the year 2022