6 hairstyles that will be trendy in 2023

6  Hairstyles that Will be Trendy in 2023


6 hairstyles that will be trendy in 2023

Feel like changing your hairstyle for the cold season? These six bold styles are more fashionable than ever and will inspire you to try something different!

Pros Dominic Boucher, associate owner of Hed Salon in Montreal, and Roxane Cheibes, hair artist and colorist at Hed Salon, tell us what's in store for winter 2023.

Here are this year's top trends (and a handy glossary to help you understand them)


1. The curtain cut

The hair forms a "curtain" whose ends touch the shoulders. The key word is symmetry," says Dominic Boucher. The median parting and the slightly inward-curving tips frame the face to highlight the cheekbones. An even movement is achieved by curling the strands on both sides at the same time, either with a round brush or with a flat iron or large roller, in the blow dryer."



2. The waterfall ponytail

The ponytail is extra-long, with fluid movement and a glossy, waterfall-like appearance. "Hair should be perfectly smooth, with no bumps or frizz when you pull it back," says Dominic. Unless you have very long hair, you need to invest in extensions to recreate this look. The most affordable is to opt for a clip-in version that you have your stylist customize to your cut."



3. The bottleneck fringe

The fringe follows the shape of the neck of a bottle. Narrow near the forehead, it widens and curves at the cheekbones. "It's sort of a hair accessory," says Dominic. Even with jeans and a white shirt, it dresses up the face and looks amazing. It's much easier to wear than short bangs, and because the trend focuses solely on the front of the face, you can adapt it to any length."



4. The Sachel Cut

This is a fusion of the shag, the extreme layered cut inspired by the 1970s, and the "Rachel," the style combining different lengths with shorter locks close to the face, as popularized by Jennifer Aniston's character on the show Friends. "The advantage of this less-bold look over the shag is that it allows for tapering while still maintaining length on top of the head," says Roxane Cheibes. It gives a soft, natural effect, especially on wavy hair."


5. Botticelli curls

The curls are unstructured to form "water waves" reminiscent of the floating hair of women painted by Sandro Botticelli in the Renaissance. "It's a super feminine and romantic look, but quite difficult to do yourself," explains Roxane Cheibes. A simple trick to use at home is to braid your damp hair into four strands before bed, so you can get waves that are easy to perfect with an anti-frizz styling product when you wake up."



6. The twist bun

The ponytail or bun forms an unexpected twist near the head. "It's pretty new and very versatile; you can tie your hair pretty low to go to work, and pretty high for a fancy party," says Roxane Cheibes. To create that sleek, shiny effect, we coat the damp mane with gel and pull the hair back with a comb before shaping the knot."





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6 hairstyles that will be trendy in 2023