The 7 trendy short haircuts for fall 2022

The 7 Trendy Short Haircuts for Fall 2022

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The 7 trendy short haircuts for fall 2022

If you've been considering the short haircut for a while or just feel like a change, fall is the perfect time to dare.

Plus, this year, short haircuts are trending more than ever. For a little inspiration, here are the 8 hot short haircuts for fall:


1. Bob with bangs

This bob is best characterized by its bangs. It consists of classic straight bangs on the forehead, but with a second tier that stops at the cheek bone before the full length. It will look especially cute with casual waves.




2. Shag

We're inspired by the rock stars of the 1970s and 1980s for this rebellious look. The shag is created by cutting the hair in several different lengths. This creates maximum body and volume, but also style!




3. Pixie cut

The very short haircut called the pixie has been a timeless classic for years. In 2022, we're inspired by the version popularized by actress Mia Farrow in the 1960s! It is recognized by its very short fringe that decorates the forehead.



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4. Square Layers

Not quite a shag, but almost, this type of bob stands out with its layering. Instead of cutting the chin-length bob the same length all the way around the head, we create movement with different layers, including bangs, if you like!



5. The French Bob

This bob has long been considered the most chic of all. It is inspired by the stylish Parisian women who always look well put together, but without effort. It's a jawline bob with lots of volume at the tips, plus bangs that fall a little in front of the eyes. 




6. The Lop

This cut is shorter than a bob, but longer than a pixie. It looks a bit like the famous bowl cut, since we cut the hair all the same length around the head, leaving the neck clear. Then, the lengths can be styled with a little gel for more movement.



7. Italian Bob

This cut could well dethrone the French bob as it inspires class and elegance. To recreate it, we ask for a bob that falls a little under the jaw with the hair cut at the same length, without gradient! It looks especially good on straight hair. 





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The 7 trendy short haircuts for fall 2022