Food Tips

6 Canadian Instagram accounts you should follow if you're a foodie

6 Canadian Instagram accounts you should follow if you're a foodie

Photography: @aimeebourque, @ondejeune, @thefirstmess & @dennistheprescott

Food Tips

6 Canadian Instagram accounts you should follow if you're a foodie

"Eating with your eyes" has never been easier, thanks to Instagram's abundance of gorgeous Canadian food accounts. 

A quick search through Instagram's Canadian content reveals we have a lot of aesthetic appeal: stark mountains, turquoise bays, mysterious woodland, glittering cities, majestic wildlife and just about everything in between (including inspiring fitness and wellness stars). But did you know that our food scene can be just as dazzling?

As Instagram has risen in popularity over the last decade, so, too, have the number of Canadians showcasing some of the gorgeous dishes we have on offer. From restaurant-hoppers to cookbook creators to professional food photographers, here are some of most beautiful Canadian food accounts to follow in the new year:


BAKED the blog

This cross-country instagram collective is the work of several blogging superstars across Canada, including Kris Osborne, Kelly Gauthier, Kelly Neil, Sophie MacKenzie, Amy Ho, Heidi Richter, Alexandra Daum and Ashley Colbourne. BAKED is all about rekindling the art of home baking, with gorgeous photos of just about any kind of treat—sweet, savoury, you name it. Every Tuesday they release a new tutorial for the baking-averse or lessons on how to improve your own food snaps. The individual members have their own unique photography style, yet the shots blend seamlessly together in their representation of home baking across the country.


Aimée Wimbush-Bourque

This two-time cookbook author and inspiring homesteader happens to also have an Instagram account packed full of drool-worthy food photos. Scrolling through Bourque's feed feels like checking in on a close friend—if that friend had the culinary chops of Martha Stewart and an impressive new Nova Scotian backdrop for her adventures. Her photos are bright, warm, inviting snapshots of the kind of food you want to cook every day (think crispy rosemary roasted potatoes or strawberry rhubarb pie), like a heartfelt celebration of daily cooking joys, and you've been invited to join in on the fun. 


On Déjeune

This Montreal-based collective (whose name means "We eat breakfast") is the brainchild of Tim Buron, Michel Beauchemin, Jeanne Rondeau-Ducharme and Olivier Normandin-Guénette. The idea was born from the group's shared interest in breakfast and brunch in Montreal, and their desire to discover the best of such meals in the city. Their account is a glorious parade of impeccably-propped, bright, minimalist brunch scenes from Montreal restaurants. Viewers beware: Any amount of time spent on this account will result in an unstoppable craving for croissants and eggs benedict. 


The First Mess

Named after the award-winning vegan blog of the same name, The First Mess account is run by Laura Wright, one of the early digital patron-saints of vegan cuisine (along with fellow Canadian Angela Liddon). Wright's food photos manage to simultaneously incorporate Canadian seasonality and to celebrate international ingredients and influences. Whether it's the gooey cinnamon rolls or the braised eggplant with chickpeas, though, her pictures are of such delectable foods that even the staunchest meat-eaters would be converted. 


Dennis Prescott

For many, it would be enough to simply work as a photographer, a food stylist, a recipe developer or a cookbook author, but Dennis Prescott manages to wear all these hats and more. The New Brunswick-based influencer's Instagram account is a seemingly endless parade of the kind of indulgent food that we crave year-round. Whether it's a closeup of a hamburger with just-melted cheese, a platter of lobster mac & cheese, or a table laden with cocktails, Prescott's work is a veritable cornucopia of culinary maximalism. 


Tara O'Brady

Ever since the inception of her blog, Seven Spoons, in 2005, Tara O'Brady has been dazzling the internet with her food photographs, and her Instagram account is no exception. Her photographs are thoughtfully minimalist, letting the charming details of her dishes and ingredients speak for themselves. O'Brady, also a food columnist and recipe developer, specializes in creating foods that serve both as a nod to her family's culinary heritage, but also reflect the way that many Canadians cook today, taking a pinch of inspiration from a wide variety of influences. A bowl of lentils is practically a work of art when she captures it, so it's no surprise that her rosewater marshmallow kiss cookies or marbled blondies are equally stunning. 

What have you been cooking lately? We love to see pictures of your culinary creations, particularly if they're one of our recipes. Tag #CLGetCooking on Instagram so we can have a look and share in our Stories!



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Food Tips

6 Canadian Instagram accounts you should follow if you're a foodie