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  • Your seasonal food guide: Peaches

    Learn how to peel and pit beautiful, golden peaches. Then try one of our delicious recipes for jam or  yummy peach pie.

  • Classic Canadian Living recipes

    In honour of our 40th anniversary, we're bringing back some of our favourite recipes from our magazine and cookbooks.

  • The ultimate recipe collection

    These ultimate recipes are tried and tested till perfect, making them the go-to recipes for readers across Canada. These timeless dishes have been part of our traditions and enjoyed by our family for years.

  • Your seasonal food guide: Cherries

    Cherry season is in full swing and we have tons of yummy recipes to savour, including our delicious cherry cheesecake.

  • 9 recipes for dinner on sticks

    Whether you call them kabobs, brochettes, skewers or souvlaki, grilled meat on a stick is a global summertime favourite. Here are nine of our favourite skewered dinner recipes for you to savour.

  • 6 refreshing ways to eat watermelon this summer

    Ripe and juicy watermelon is a summer staple – here's how to really let it shine in six easy recipes.

  • Your seasonal food guide: Blueberries

    Make the most of blueberry season with our delicious and easy recipes. We have something for everyone including blueberry muffins, cake, crumble and pie.