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  • Tastes of Canada: Milk

    Canada is treated to fresh, local flavours from coast-to-coast. We celebrate the refreshing taste of homegrown milk and shine a spotlight on Canadian dairy farmers.

  • Tastes of Canada: Strawberries

    Celebrate strawberry season with one of our scrumptious strawberry recipes. Preserve the fresh flavours by making your own jam or learn how to freeze fruit for later in the year.

  • 10 things to cook in June

    Haul out the barbecue -- summer has finally arrived! Celebrate June's arrival by cooking and eating outside.

  • Tastes of Italy

    Celebrate the flavours and freshness of real Italian ingredients with our delicious recipes.

  • 10 things to cook in May

    May is the perfect time to embrace seasonal spring produce such as asparagus and rhubarb . Treat Mom to breakfast in bed with creamy baked eggs or mix up a fizzy pink drink for her to sip. Start summer off right by firing up the grill this long weekend, then throw on a burger or the best grilled chicken you'll ever have!

  • Fresh salmon recipes: Smoked, grilled and baked

    Whether you prefer it smoked, seared, baked or grilled, we’ve got a fresh salmon recipe for you. From maple to miso, your favourite flavours are covered.

  • Light, spring-inspired meals

    Enjoy all the flavours of spring with our, light, spring-inspired recipes. Add healthy salads, easy pastas and delightful green recipes to your spring menu.