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  • How rude! 3 ways to be more polite

    In a world rife with rudeness, here's how to ensure that your own manners don't go missing.

  • Cyberbullying: How to handle online trolls

    Don't let bullies spoil your online experience. Learn what to do if you or your child experiences social media bullying.

  • An introvert's guide to holiday parties

    The holiday season is full of parties that, for an introvert, can feel overwhelming and exhausting. We got expert advice on how to deal with the most difficult party situations.

  • Holiday party etiquette dos and don'ts

    How to survive—even thrive—through the holiday party season.

  • Holiday gifts for the service people in our lives

    These are our everyday saviours—the people who make getting through the whole year a little easier. So treat them with something special to say thank you this holiday season.

  • How to be a good matchmaker

    Do you have a friend -- or two -- who could use some help in the love and romance department? If you're thinking of playing matchmaker for your sister, friend or co-worker, here are some tips to bring two people together with ease.

  • How to reconnect with your old friends

    Despite our best intentions, we all have friendships that have fallen by the wayside due to family and  work obligations and, frankly, the prevalence of social media. That's why Wendy Helfenbaum decided to embark on a yearlong quest to reconnect—in person—with 50 kindred spirits.

  • Small talk: Tips to become a better conversationalist

    Does the thought of engaging in small talk make you break out in a sweat? Canadian etiquette expert Louise Fox offers practical suggestions to help you master the art of small talk and become a better conversationalist.

  • How to navigate adult cliques at work, on the playground and in social circles

    Cliques and pack mentalities don't simply end on the playground. In fact, stats show they can be more difficult to deal with as adults. Learn to navigate adult cliques with a few simple steps.

  • 7 ways to break out of a friendship rut

    As we age, it becomes easy to fall into a rut of one kind or another, and they are especially difficult to navigate when it comes to our relationships. One expert offers helpful tips break out of a friendship rut.

  • 10 fun holiday gifts for women

    Whether she's a travel aficionado or enjoys a night at home with a nice glass of wine, a selection from one of these 10 gifts is sure to delight any woman in your life.

  • 5 things you should never say to a single woman (and the things you should)

    Being single should not have negative connotations, but for many in our society, it does. Our dating expert offers tips on what not to say to a single woman.

  • How to survive a friendship breakup

    They say people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. But when a friendship ends abruptly it can be difficult coming to terms with the sudden breakup. Our relationship expert discusses why this might happen, and how to cope when it does.