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  • Forgiveness: How to let go of grudges

    It can be hard to forgive someone who has hurt you. Forgiveness, however, is an important step on the road to healing and moving on with your life. Our relationships expert offers advice on how to let go of anger and forgive those who've hurt you.

  • How to avoid a cat fight

    Understanding what makes your crabby coworker or mean mother-in-law tick is crucial to protecting yourself from a cat fight you'll regret. Read on to learn proven tips that can bring about amazing results in your personal and professional relationships.

  • 6 tips for handling disagreements with people

    Although conflict is natural, dealing with conflict is often one of the most difficult situations to approach. Learn how to get through difficult disagreements with these expert tips.

  • How to deal with jealousy

    Learn how to handle your pangs of envy effectively and in a healthy way with our expert tips.

  • How to balance your work and social life

    Having trouble keeping up with your work and personal life? Check out our expert tips for balancing both with ease.

  • Is technology helping or hurting your friendships?

    It's easy to stay in touch with technology -- but you should also beware the pitfalls. Find out how communication via e-mails, texts and social media can both help and hinder your friendships.

  • 6 budget-friendly gift ideas for your friends

    Giving presents from the heart doesn't have to mean spending a fortune. Check out our expert advice on getting friends of all personalities the right gifts.

  • 5 tips for giving advice to your friends

    Worried about giving the wrong advice to your friends? Check out our expert tips on how to help your friends through their troubles by saying the right thing.

  • How to help a friend going through a midlife crisis

    Is your friend going through a midlife crisis? Our expert shares some tips on how to best support a loved one who is going through a confusing period in his or her life.

  • What to do when a friend gives you the cold shoulder

    Getting the cold shoulder from a close friend? Check out our expert tips on how to handle the situation.

  • 5 signs you're being used in a friendship

    Do you feel like your friend is taking advantage of you? Our expert weighs in on what to do if someone you know is using you for his or her own personal gain.

  • How to make a difficult relationship work in your favour

    It’s not possible to get along with absolutely everyone you meet, but there are some simple ways to ensure conflict is kept to a minimum. Check out our expert tips for making a complicated relationship work in your favour.

  • 5 ways to make your friendships last

    Are you connecting enough with your friends? Check out our expert tips on how to put your friendships first and make sure they stay strong -- despite your busy schedule

  • 5 reasons to take a break from Facebook

    Are you obsessed with Facebook? Our expert looks into the ways you could benefit from limiting your time on social networks.