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  • How to reconnect with your old friends

    Despite our best intentions, we all have friendships that have fallen by the wayside due to family and  work obligations and, frankly, the prevalence of social media. That's why Wendy Helfenbaum decided to embark on a yearlong quest to reconnect—in person—with 50 kindred spirits.

  • Small talk: Tips to become a better conversationalist

    Does the thought of engaging in small talk make you break out in a sweat? Canadian etiquette expert Louise Fox offers practical suggestions to help you master the art of small talk and become a better conversationalist.

  • How to navigate adult cliques at work, on the playground and in social circles

    Cliques and pack mentalities don't simply end on the playground. In fact, stats show they can be more difficult to deal with as adults. Learn to navigate adult cliques with a few simple steps.

  • 7 ways to break out of a friendship rut

    As we age, it becomes easy to fall into a rut of one kind or another, and they are especially difficult to navigate when it comes to our relationships. One expert offers helpful tips break out of a friendship rut.

  • 10 fun holiday gifts for women

    Whether she's a travel aficionado or enjoys a night at home with a nice glass of wine, a selection from one of these 10 gifts is sure to delight any woman in your life.

  • 5 things you should never say to a single woman (and the things you should)

    Being single should not have negative connotations, but for many in our society, it does. Our dating expert offers tips on what not to say to a single woman.

  • How to survive a friendship breakup

    They say people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. But when a friendship ends abruptly it can be difficult coming to terms with the sudden breakup. Our relationship expert discusses why this might happen, and how to cope when it does.

  • 5 types of toxic friends

    Have you ever heard of the saying "Less is more"? Not only does it apply to your makeup and accessories, but it can also apply to your group of friends. Our relationship coach highlights five types of toxic friends and how to deal with them.

  • Forgiveness: How to let go of grudges

    It can be hard to forgive someone who has hurt you. Forgiveness, however, is an important step on the road to healing and moving on with your life. Our relationships expert offers advice on how to let go of anger and forgive those who've hurt you.

  • How to avoid a cat fight

    Understanding what makes your crabby coworker or mean mother-in-law tick is crucial to protecting yourself from a cat fight you'll regret. Read on to learn proven tips that can bring about amazing results in your personal and professional relationships.

  • 6 tips for handling disagreements with people

    Although conflict is natural, dealing with conflict is often one of the most difficult situations to approach. Learn how to get through difficult disagreements with these expert tips.

  • How to deal with jealousy

    Learn how to handle your pangs of envy effectively and in a healthy way with our expert tips.

  • How to balance your work and social life

    Having trouble keeping up with your work and personal life? Check out our expert tips for balancing both with ease.

  • Is technology helping or hurting your friendships?

    It's easy to stay in touch with technology -- but you should also beware the pitfalls. Find out how communication via e-mails, texts and social media can both help and hinder your friendships.